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High Up with Rasmus

I recently got back home after spending two fantastic weeks together with my 10 year old son Rasmus in the Mont Blanc range. Good times with hiking and mountaineering!

We climbed two mountains above 3500 meters; Pointe Lachenal and Aiguille du Tour.

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Wolkenstein / The Dolomites

For a week in July, Jonna and I got the chance to combine a business trip to Brixen with a stay in Wolkenstein.

We got time over for some nice hikes and a cruise up the famous Via Ferrata Brigata Tridentina 😀

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On the roof of Sweden

Me and my son Rasmus (10 years) reached the summit of Kebnkeaise, the highest mountain in Sweden on June 30th at around 7 PM following the “East Route”.

We had a great time and had the route for ourselves all the way to the top plateu where the East and West routes merge together 🙂

This was my 6th time on the summit since 1984.

1984 – summer
1999 – summer (two times)
2000 – winter
2009 – winter
2016 – summer


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A week i CHX


Enjoying Mont Maudit (4,465m)

As always time passes, but now I finnally had some time over for a quick post 🙂

During the first week in September I got to climb a some nice routes with my old classmate and climbing partner Tomas Ericsson. We also had three days of climbing with Krister Jonsson.

Tomas and I climbed
– Mont Maudit Northflank (PD+)
– Pointes Lachenal traverse (AD)

Tomas, Krister and I climbed
– Arête des Cosmiques (AD)
– Triangle du Tacul, Goulotte Chéré (D)
– Brevent, Crakoukass, 5c (6b variation), 170m

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A trip to Kebnekaise

I and my son Rasmus, 9 years old, recently had a bit of an epic trip to Kebnekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden.

We arrived to the mountain station below the mountain on sunday, august 9. Our plan was an easy scramble to the top and follow the ridge to the North Summit. However, as it often happen in the mountains. The weather worsened to be something ordinary hikers would call a “snowstorm”… The forcast promised winds up to 20m/s and rain and snow… Nice!

As Rasmus had a bit of pain in his foot after the 20km hike to our BC. He had been carried about 10kg and brand new mountaineering boots. So we waited and bid our time during monday. Om Thuesday afternoon we decided to have a go at the mountain.

We had a lot of fun batteling the rain, hail and snow in the howling wind 🙂 However, at 10 PM when we reached the old top cabin of Kebnekaise, Rasmus showed signs of hypotermia, so we sheltered ourselves inside. We han no kitchen, no sleeping bags etc. to get any warmth.

We just bid our time during the night. I must admit it was really cold, we both shivered uncontrolled from time to time. In the morning I was unsure of how Rasmus really felt, he could not manage to eat properly, not even a power bar. So I decied to descend. The descent went really well and was also a lot of fun in hard winds with a lot of spindrift.

When we reached our tent again, we had been away for 27 hours. Hard going for a nine year old. I’m proud of him!


Rasmus on Östra Leden / Kebnekaise

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Updated the photo gallery “Mix – various climbing”

I just updated the photo gallery “Mix – Various climbing” with a few new photos.

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Arête Forbes

Again nothing turned out as planned… The plan was to try the Liongrat Ridge on the Matterhorn together with my old childhood friend Tomas. Sadly Tomas had to call the climb off in the last minute, leaving me without a climbing partner.

Luckily I had booked a week after our planned Matterhorn trip to climb together with Krister Jonsson, a Swedish mountain guide. I already knew Krister from last year when we climbed the Mittelliegi Ride on the Eiger together. We had a lot of fun on Eiger and other mountains for a week. The first “Matterhorn” week was instead spent in the Mont Blanc area, hiking and doing some acclimatization scrambles.

On Monday, September 8th, Krister and I met up in Chamonix and headed for Aiguille du Chardonnet, a 3,824 m high mountain in the Mont Blanc range. After some a few hours of hiking, we reached the newly renovated Albert Premier Hut. The alarm was set to 01:45 AM and one hour later we were ready and headed for the goal, the Arête Forbes on Chardonet. Arête Forbes is the ridge to the left. The route traverses the summit and follows the right hand ridge down to the glacier.

This climb really had it all; thunder and lightning from the Aosta side of the mountain during the approach, later snowfall, clouds and finally blue skies! A delicate bergschrund, steep ice and snow, abseiling’s, somewhat awkward moves, at some passages the ridge narrowed to a thin exposed ridge. To sum it up, a really nice and fun climb!

Later during the week, Krister and I climbed several other routes, including the famous giant tooth, Dent du Géant and the narrow rocky ridge on Aiguille d’Entrèves!


Arête Forbes / Aiguille du Chardonnet 3,824 m

Arête Forbes / Aiguille du Chardonnet 3,824 m


Per @ Arête Forbes

Per @ Arête Forbes

Per @ Dent du Géant

Per @ Dent du Géant

Per and Krister @ Aiguille d'Entrèves

Per and Krister @ Aiguille d’Entrèves


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New photography galleries

As we say in here in sweden, make a cross in the roof(!), but I’ve actually just made some updates in the photo section. That without a delay of another two years 🙂

The new photography galleries are:

2005 – Lofoten
2008 – Matterhorn
2008 – Pollux
2011 – Tacul+MB
2012 – Mont Blanc
2013 – Chamonix
2013 – Eiger
2013 – Parapente
2014 – Chamonix

/ Per Jerberyd

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Two years later…

Well… It wasn’t just the other day that I last published a post here. I just realized it’s more than two years ago!

Today, when I’m home alone, sick with fever, I found some inspiration and thought it was about time to find the time to update something here!

I’ve made two minor updates; Adding a video from the Eiger under the YouTUBE section and a new photo gallery; “2014 – Chamonix“.

And what has happened since 2012… A lot, but not that much climbing. However, I’ve had the oppurtunity to get out and summit a few big mountains like the Mont Blanc, Eiger & Mönch…

/Per Jerberyd

@ home with the family 🙂

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The last ice climb of the season

Jonna and I are on a ice climbing trip to Dalarna and Trängslet.

Right now I’m sitting and writing this at the hostel Tre Björnar (Three Bears) in Älvdalen that we’re staying at. Tomorrow it’s sunday and time to go home to the kids.

This weekend is probabaly the last chance of ice climbing here for this season. It’s been warm lately. Really warm for this time of year with a temepratures reaching plus 10 degrees celsius. I think this is the first ice climbing trip that I never have had forzen hands 🙂

To sum up: Jonna and I had great time! Ice climbing is fun! A lot of fun!

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