Posted by: sweclimber | July 14, 2011

2 weeks left

On the 29th of July, Jonna and I will leave for Chamonix 🙂

This year will be different than before. Jonna and I will try to acclimatise by climbing a 4000m mountain during the first days. After the acclimatision, Jonna will travel home and I will be all alone.

My plan is again Mont Blanc, following the Gouter route. Last year we had a marathon attempt on MB, going for the summit and back nonstop. This year I will bring a tent. More to carry and a heavy load the first part, but hopefully have an easier summit day.

What bother me a bit is the solo crossing of Grand Coloir and the crevasses above the Gouter hut. The rock climb up to the Gouter hut and the Bosses Ridge seem like more OK. I’ll do my best to do it safe, fast and successfully.

Don’t forget to check in here for more updates from The Alps!

Mont Blanc from above. Photo by Jonna Jerberyd


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