Posted by: sweclimber | August 10, 2011

No summit

I finally had to break camp and head down to Chamonix. I had bad luck with the weather and strong winds. This time it was nothing I could do about it. So I’m not as disappointed as last year.

After being stuck in my BC at Tete Rousse for three days, I really had no option then that to go down. Otherwise I would perhaps have missed my plane home.

Already when going up I knew my chances where very slim. I was actually the only climber on Sunday going up with the Tramway to Nid‘d Aiguille! Later on the way, hiking towards Tete Rousse, I passed four polish climbers heading up. But that was all, except for about another 50 climbers I met that instead was giving up and headed down.

When I reached Tete Rousse at 3200m, there were only five tents present at BC, so I hand no problem finding a good protective camp for my tent.

The first night I slept very badly due to the altitude combined with the high wind twisting the tent. You could actually from time to time hear a gale high on the Gouter plateu.

I stayed here for three days. Then I had to make my decision – Go up or down. I headed down, even if the weather forecast was better, it still showed high winds, up to 60 km/h. Since I already had given myself a promise, not to risk anything and don’t go up if the forecast said more than 50 Km/h winds – I headed down…. Not nice to climb solo on exposed ridges and face the chance of being blown off ;-(

When I packed up my gears and headed down, the BC had grown to at almost 30 tents. I guess about 400 climbers where on the way up. Almost everybody had their minds set on summiting on Thursday, the day with a promising weather forecast and less wind. Sadly, Thursday was not a possibly day for me, since I’m travelling home on early Friday morning. A pity, but this time it was just bad weather. It was nothing I could do about it. The mountain is still here until another year. Perhaps I can try it together with Jonna next time.

Today I’m going down town to look for a new pair of running or light hiking shoes. Outdoor shoes are much cheaper here than back home in Stockholm.

To sum up this trip… Well, I’m happy anyway, since Jonna and I managed to climb a nice 4000m mountain together 


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