Posted by: sweclimber | December 7, 2011

London calling…

Jonna and I had a great visit to London!

We had time to both meet old friends, visit a great mountaineering lecture at the Royal Geographic Society, climb and do some christmas shopping as well 🙂

On thursday evening we went to the Royal Geographic Society and listened to a lecture about the Eiger North Face. The presentators were no less than Sir Chris Bonington and Ueli Steck.

Chris proved to be the fantastic lecturer I’ve heard that he is. He told the story about his struggle with the Eiger during his early career, and how he finally became the first Brit to climb the -38 route. He continued with the story about the “race” to make the first ascent of the direct route up the face, a classic story that ended in tragedy when John Harlin fell to his death.

Ueli, one of the new generation Eiger climbers told about how he after 35 acents of the Eiger North Face following diffrent routes made his speed record. He also told about his Alp North Face Trilogy and ending with his 10,5 hour solo ascent of Shisha Pangmas south face. Nice lecture with stunning photos and filming.

On friday afternoon we met my old friend Micke Collin at the climbing gym called The Castle. It was an OK place. Micke proved in shape and climbed three 6c and one 6c+. Really nice to meet Micke again, it was a long time since we last climbed or met (think it was in 2008?). He told us that nowdays he often spends his weekends trad-climbing in the Peak District.

We’ll be back some day to listen to some other lecture at the Royal Geographic Society – a nice and classic place!


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