My name is Per Jerberyd and this is my spot on the Internet since October 12 1997. In 2011 the design was changed when the site was moved to this WordPress pre-design.


I was born in 1970 in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. At the age of three, we moved to Tyresö outside Stockholm. I share my life with my wife Jonna, our two sons Rasmus and Robin. We live in a loghouse in Tyresö Brevik. I like it better here than living in the city; out in the archipelago, neighbour to the nature and with many climbing crags in walking distance.

As a profession I run a small computer company called Mazeno AB (named after the Mazeno Ridge on Nanga Parbat). Mazeno has a subsidiary company called Trolltind where I work with a friend to to do advanced tree work. We climb the trees and take them down part by part. We also do arborist work where it’s necessary to climb. My future plans for Trolltind also includes climbing and outdoor adventures.

My biggest interest is definitely climbing and mountaineering. It all started when I was very young and my parents brought me out in the wilderness. I was brought up with mountain hikes, canoeing trips and all kind of outdoor activities. Nowadays I’m into a mixture of hiking, backcountry skiing and mountaineering. A hike without a summit climb is not satisfying enough. Winter or summer, it doesn’t matter. My motto is, if you can take the hardship, you can experience so much more! I also enjoy rock and sport climbing, it’s fun, but I still see it as a way to train for mountaineering. It’s the same with indoor sport climbing; just a way to train for the real mountains. During the winter I try to train some aid and ice climbing aswell.

I have another big interest beside my outdoor activities. I joined a pistol shooting club in 1990 and immediately got hooked! Nowadays I train once a week. I participate in national competitions and usually qualify for the Swedish Championships but I really have no chance to win since training once a week isn’t enough. What I mostly get out of my shooting is a sort of mental training. To present a good result, you must be focused and stay focused under pressure. In that state of mind you forget about everything else and clear your mind. It’s a great way for me to recharge my mental batteries. The other satisfaction is the social thing where you meet people with the same interest. I’m a member of Tyresö Skytteförening (www.tyresoskf.nu).

I’m also a vivid dreamer, have always been. A few of my dreams have been fulfilled, but far too less! What I really would like to do is participate in a high altitude climbing expedition in the Himalayas. You can always buy yourself into an expedition, but It’s hard to save that kind of money.

If you need a partner for an expedition, please contact me! I’m always open for a discussion.


E-mail: per(x)jerberyd.se
Skype: mazenoridge
Phone: +46(0)761110917


My biggest thanks to YOU – my dear readers and visitors, without you I would never have the engagement to continue improving this site.  Also thanks for all those mails. Critisism is ofcourse welcome. It’s easy to write a mistake in an article, and more than once have you corrected me.

Finally a huge hello to everyone I’ve met and partnered up with in the mountains, on the local crags or in the climbing gyms! I remember most of you! You never know, maybe we’ll meet out there…

– Per Jerberyd, Tyresö Brevik, July 2010.

On the way down from the summit of Mont Blanc

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