2008 – Matterhorn

After having climbed Breithorn and Pollux with my old classmate Tomas Ericsson the previous week, my regular climbing partner at the time, Anders Grawin came to Cervinia. Our plan was to try Liongrat, a.k.a. the Italian Ridge on the Matterhorn. First Anders needed acclimatization. We did the same way as Tomas and I hade done it the previous week, by climbing Breithorn 4,164 m. After that we headed up Liongrat… Everything went well until I suddenly got sick halfway up to the Carell hut. I almost fainted! And after that, the stomach went really bad… When we finally reached the Carell hut we decided it was enough. The next day we descended back to Cervinia ;-( It turned out that I probably had gotten some sort of stomach bug at the hotel since when we got back, half the staff was home from work, sick with this bug…

After failing on the Matterhorn, we felt the need for a “bonus” summit and headed for Castor. After a night in Rifugio Guide del Cervino, we made a fast hike to Castor and summited early in the morning.


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