2010 – Mont Blanc

In 2010, I and Kenth Rehn headed for Mont Blanc again. We wanted another shot after our failure in 2009. This was also my acclimatision for Liongrat on Matterhorn. Tomas Ericcson and I was supposed to team together in Cervinia a week later.

We had bad luck. Bad weather and 80cm of fresh snow on Matterhorn made us abort our plan. Instead Tomas travelled to Chamonix for a fast ascent of Mont Blanc. It went as it went… We had a non stop go for the summit. Tomas totally unacclimatised made it to 4000 meters until saying it was enough,Kenth also felt ill, like he has on sevral previous occasions on altitude. After a loong ordeal, I left Kenth and Tomas behind and continued upwards alone… I was sadly held back by the fact that next moring we where to abondon our apartment in Cahmonix… I turned around at Vallot. I felt utterly disapointed. No summits att all for two years now…

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