2003 – A New Route

New route on Glåmen in the winter of 2003

In early winter 2003, I, Per Jerberyd and my girlfriend Jonna (now wife) travelled to the Lofoten islands for a mountaineering week. We faced very bad weather and little snow. One day as we aimed to climb Higravtind, the highest mountain in Lofoten, but since it was totally covered in clouds and mist we spotted out one of the lower mountains on the other side of the bay.

We had a long day, staring late, climbing it despite the bad weather and powder avalaches. The last part of the decent was done in totall darkness, since we had planned for something totally diffrent, we had no head lamps.

Torbjörn Enevold at Nord Norsk Klatreskole confirmed to us that this was a first winter ascent. Torbjörn didn’t know of any summer ascents either. It’s a special feeling to climb an untouched route and to stand on a virgin summit!

Our route. Graded PD+ by us

Jonna on belay while I stand on the summit taking the photo


Halfway up

Photo from the summit

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