2011 – Tacul+MB

This year Jonna and I had the oppurtunity to spend a few days together in Chamonix. The wather was glorious and we climbed Mont Blanc du Tacul, 4,248 m together in perfect conditions. However, Jonna got very ill with altitude sickness. She vomited regullary all the way up from our BC and back down. I can’t understand that she made it! Strong willpower!!

After Tacul, Jonna had to fly home to take care of the kids while I had my mind set on Mont Blanc. Since my previous failures on Mont Blanc du to partners getting ill in altitude sickness I had a new plan. I would climb solo… But bad luck again. The weather forcast looked uttery bad and when I hiked up to the Mont Blanc base camp at Tête Rousse I was totally alone going up. Howerver, I surley met 100 people descending from either i successfull climb or just giving up due to the approaching storm. When I finally got there, people was packing up to leave. The next morning it was just mine and a russian guy left. Everybody else was gone. I stayed for three nights hoping for the weather to improve. When I finally had to leave and head down to fetch my plane home, the weather got better again… Just plain bad luck this year 😦

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