Posted by: sweclimber | December 21, 2015

A week i CHX


Enjoying Mont Maudit (4,465m)

As always time passes, but now I finnally had some time over for a quick post 🙂

During the first week in September I got to climb a some nice routes with my old classmate and climbing partner Tomas Ericsson. We also had three days of climbing with Krister Jonsson.

Tomas and I climbed
– Mont Maudit Northflank (PD+)
– Pointes Lachenal traverse (AD)

Tomas, Krister and I climbed
– Arête des Cosmiques (AD)
– Triangle du Tacul, Goulotte Chéré (D)
– Brevent, Crakoukass, 5c (6b variation), 170m

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